Desi model wearing fitted desi t.shirt at a club with drag queen model.

It means doing good things. Not just for ourselves but for everyone around us.
Have discussions.
Share ideas.
Change the norm because the norm is just well, normal.
Be awesome to one another.
Be respectful to one another.
Listen to each other.
To the world.
To yourself.
And always remember to love.

Every living creature on our planet deserves rights and ethical treatment. Cruelty to animals will never be okay.

You may not like what is being said but everyone deserves the right for their voice to be spoken.

Who you love and how you love them should never matter.

Why are people even concerned? Treat everyone wit respect and love and the world will be a better place.

Everyone on this planet deserves the same basic human rights that we all have.

No Hate. No bullying. For everyone. We all deserve love, respect and tolerance for who we are.