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1. We look for models who have the right attitude and personality to rock our gear. Show us who you are when you audition for us. We need to be able to feel your energy.
2. You need to catch our attention. And since our first interaction with you will be via e.mail you will need to sell yourself with your words.
3. We use models of all body and gender types.
4. All age groups are welcome.
5. If you're not serious about us, we won't be serious about you either.
6. You must live in the Greater Toronto Area to attend our photo shoot and/or at least be in the area on the day of our photo shoot.
7. We look for brand ambassadors for Brown Man Clothing Co. People who respect the brand, believe in it, get it and more importantly will be proud to rock our gear.

We love working with everyone and we've met so many great people during our shoots who have become part of the Brown Man Clothing Co. family. We'd love to work with you. Here are some tips on how to get our attention when applying to model for us:
1. Send us the maximum amount of photos. Photos that show who you are, your personality, face, body, etc. Let's see who YOU are.
2. No washroom selfies please. That's just gross.
3. No shots of you on a night out with a group of people. If we don't know who you are in the picture your interest will not be forwarded to our talent department.
4. Ideally if you've got some of our gear, send us a picture of you rocking it. This helps us visualize which item(s) would suit you most and see where your strengths lie.
5. Please ensure that your pictures are as clear as possible, and in .jpg format.

Fill out the form. Best of luck.